From Wickham to Across the World: A Success Story 30 Years in the Making

The 30-year history of success of Wickham Flooring is marked with a drive to succeed and innovate by offering the best quality product at a fair price, by meeting exacting standards of customer service, and by relying on the expertise of our trustworthy staff. These same qualities will enable us to move forward and expand our development for many years to come.

1989: Wickham Flooring is Founded
A lot of things have changed since Wickham Flooring was founded in 1989. Whether it’s through our production process, our product offering, or even our distribution channels which now reach the furthest corners of the globe, we have constantly strived to become a leader in hardwood and engineered flooring. Despite all these changes, one factor has remained constant: the strength of our relationship with our clients.

2009: A Year of Momentous Changes
2009 was an important turning point for Wickham Flooring because it was bought out by a group of five shareholders headed by Mr. Jean-Pierre Nittolo, who continues to be our CEO. Fueled by new investments, our expansion into unique products continued apace, including signature wooden flooring. Under the guidance of Mr. Mario Bolduc, our Vice-President and General Manager, the last two years have been particularly busy, including the purchase of new state-of-the-art equipment, building a new plant for engineered floors, buying another production plant (Lanaudière Hardwood Floors) and expanding our headquarters in Wickham. We now have 130 employees and our products can be found as far away as the Middle East.

Business on a Human Scale
Even though our products are sold internationally, we take pride in being involved in our local community, including programs with Wickham Church, the René-Verrier Foundation, Saint-Jean School in Wickham, the Community Kitchen of Drummondville and the Wickham Youth Centre.

Being an active part of the community and treating people and our environment with respect are important values for us, because that is how Wickham Flooring became a name you can trust to deliver high-quality products.

2019: The Future is Bright
Our management team is looking forward to the future of our business. By acting according to our core values — engagement, drive, dedication and communication — they believe we are well positioned to remain leaders in our industry. Based on our long-standing experience and the strength of our team, we are poised to expand our market share while still delivering high quality products at an affordable price.

Are you a distributor or retailer interested in developing the hardwood flooring market?