No, purchases must be made through one of our retailers (use the locator to find your closest retailer).

Visit your closest retailer – they can address all your requests. If additional work is required, we will be pleased to work alongside them to meet your needs.

Absolutely. Wickham Hardwood Flooring is proud to offer a product that is customizable to your taste for project over 5,000 sft. Certain conditions apply, see your closest retailer to learn more.

Officially, the minimum required is of 5,000 square feet. However, you can always contact your retailer or contact us directly for more information.

Yes, Wickham Hardwood Flooring offers a limited warranty. It offers a lifetime structural warranty, and a warranty of 35 years on most finishes. See the Warranty section for more information.

Hardwood is a superior quality product that creates a warm environment and adds value to your home. It is durable, easy to maintain, and respectful of the environment.

Hardwood is made entirely of wood, while engineered flooring is made up of several layers. The top layer is completely made of hardwood, and the sublayers are made of plywood or red pine. This type of product makes it possible to install flooring in environments with poorly controlled ambient temperatures. Installation can also be done on top of a floor heating system.

Yes, but it is important to choose the right type of carpet. Make sure that it will not damage the surface and that it lets your floor breathe. We suggest periodically moving your carpet around to avoid colour changes due to direct light.

Yes, Wickham Hardwood Flooring offers small cans of stain in all colours, with the exception of two-tone colours (Pearl, Edison, Cream, Polar, Black Rock and Western). Contact your retailer for more information.

No, we strongly recommend against opening the boxes. Simply let wood acclimate to the desired environment for 72 hours prior to installation.

Our floors have between 5 and 7 coats of finish, depending on the colour.

Wickham Hardwood Flooring recommends ordering a total of 5% of additional wood.

No, Wickham Hardwood Flooring does not recommend installing a heated floor under your hardwood flooring. Our engineered wood flooring, however, is the right choice for you.

We do not recommend using a soaking wet mop, as this could damage your floors. If needed, refer to the page How to maintain an oiled or varnished hardwood floor on our website .