Maintenance Products

Maintenance and cleaning products for wood floors

Using appropriate maintenance products is essential to preserving the beauty of your hardwood or engineered floor.

HomeMaintenance Products

Mop cover

Mop cover / 100% terry cloth, can be washed many times with no loss of effectiveness.

Cleaning kit

Cleaning kit / Includes: handle, mop, terry cloth, 1 litre of cleaner.

Repair kit

Repair kit / Several colours available. Includes: 1 wax crayon, 1 retouching marker, 1 finishing marker.


Stain / For prevarnished floors, 500 ml / 17 oz. Available in several colours.

WOCA Oil Finish

WOCA Oil Finish / For Mountain Home Collection, 1 litre / 34 oz. Available in natural, black or brown.

WOCA Cleaner

WOCA Cleaner / For deep cleaning before applying oil finish, Mountain Home Collection, 1 litre / 34 oz.

Clear Oil (base and finishing)

Clear Oil (base and finishing) / For Winery Collection, 250 ml / 8.45 oz & 500 ml / 16.9 oz.


Restorer / For Wickham oil finish floors, 946 ml / 32 oz. For annual or biannual use.

Biodegradable Cleaner

Biodegradable Cleaner / For prevarnished floors, 750 ml / 26 oz.

Natural WOCA Soap

Natural WOCA Soap / For Mountain Home floors, 1 litre / 34 oz.


Soap / For Wickham oil finish floors, 946 ml / 32 oz (concentrated formula).

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