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Alexe Cyr


My name is Alexe Cry, I am 12 years old and I live in Masonville with my mother and father.
I have a cat, Dora, as well as a guinea pig, Corneille.

I went to FACE for kindergarten, a school in Montréal for the arts. I attended Baluchon in Masonville for the first 4 years of my elementary school. Then Saint-Édouard de Knowlton for grades 5 and 6, in an international and trilingual program. We learnt Spanish, French and English and I participated in a variety of sport as we were in the ‘Sports Student’ program. I maintained a good general grade average, 94% in grade 5 and 90% for my last year of elementary school.

Next year, I will be going to Mont Notre-Dame secondary school, a private school in Sherbrooke. I will continue to study in an international program. As part of our Spanish course, we will be visiting a country in South America in a humanitarian aid program. We will be holding fundraisers such as: smoothie bar, gala dinner, etc… and we will give the money during out time in the country.

Outside of school hours, I participate in many sports. Every week, I do 10 hours of gymnastics. I take part in approximately 3 competitions per year, in which I tend to place well on the floor, as it is my favourite discipline.

In winter, I ski and snowboard at Owl’s Head and Jay Peak. My father is planning on teaching me to telemark this year. I also enjoy ice hockey and ice skating on my pond.

Last year, I passed my Red Cross level 8 in swimming. During the spring, summer and autumn I run cross-country. In November I finished 6th out of 43 in my category of the 1.6km of Massey-Vanier. In June, I ran the 5km of the Grande Virée Des Sentiers, at Mont Saint-Bruno, it is an event in which I have taken part since I was 6 years old.

I will use the bursary to buy horse riding equipment. This year, I would like to participate in several horse riding training weeks at a stable not far from where I live. I am happy to receive the Jeune-Élite bursary since horse riding equipment is very expensive.

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