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Derick Roy

Derick Roy

My name is Derick Roy,

I grew up in Montreal, but moved to Lac-Beauport, Quebec, to pursue my academic and hockey career at the Academie St. Louis. The hockey program there has its team play against New England Preparatory Schools almost every weekend, which eventually helped me join St. Paul's School, in New Hampshire. I played goaltender at St. Paul's for three years, where I got looks from different NCAA Division I schools in the U.S. After visiting a number of institutions, I decided, with my brother Kevin, to join the Northeastern University Huskies in Boston, Massachusetts. 

After playing a year of junior hockey in the region of Boston, I joined the Huskies at the start of the 2012-2013 season. As a Redshirt year, it meant that I could not play even though I was on the team, allowing me to still have another four years of eligibility after the season. 

Although my ultimate goal is to play professional hockey, it is very important to me that I pursue my studies for as long as I can, so I always have something solid to rely on. Therefore, when I received an offer from Northeastern University, one of the strongest Business schools in the U.S., I immediately thought it was the perfect fit for me. I am currently set to Major in Finance, and thinking about Minoring in Romance Languages. Therefore, I have to maintain a very high Grade Point Average to stay eligible to play hockey. 

My goalie stats during the regular season

Year Team W L OTL     Sht.L SO GAA Save %
2008-2009 St.Paul's School 10 5 3           0 1 3.14 .901
2009-2010 St.Paul's School 25 12 12         1 1 2.73 .918
2010-2011 St.Paul's School 26 13 13         0 2 3.39 .912
2011-2012 South Shore Kings 26 21 4           0 1 2.78 .912
2011-2012* South Shore Kings 3 1 1           1 0 2.96 .917

My achievements:

-All-Star Team, ISL Prep School League (2009-2010 and 2010-2011)
-Most Valuable Player to his team (2010-2011)
-Captain (2010-2011)
-Second-most wins in the EJHL (2 behind) (2011-2012)

*Because of certain rules, the athletes participating in collegial sports in the United States cannot receive money or donations from any company or person, but as a company, we just want to show them support because we think they are a good example and show that it is possible to succeed both in school and in sports. They are not in any way associated with us, we just offer support and example for other student-athletes.

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