Hardwood Flooring Wickham
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Nothing comes close to the comfort and warmth of hardwood flooring. With Wickham Hardwood Flooring, you’ll enjoy the luxurious sensation of the forest under your feet. Best of all, you’ll add a distinctive look to your surroundings.

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April 29- Press conference for 5,5 M$ investment project.

Wickham Hardwood Flooring shareholders. From left to right: David Deshaies, Steve Courey, Jean-Pierre Nittolo, Mario Bolduc, Ian Morin.
Not on the picture: Al Heon.

From left to right: Jean-Pierre Nittolo, Steve Courey, Yves-François Blanchet - Quebec Provincial Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks and Member for Johnson, Mario Bolduc


Randy McCullough Receiving price for Wickham Hardwood Flooring Mention of
Honour, voted by attendees at the AIA Show in DC

Architect show Washington DC May 18

Mai 1st 2012, project Qatar, Doha

Mai 1st 2012 ,Project Qatar, Ibrahim Chaaban and Mohmound Majanini, making
some adjustment to deck

Qatar Project, May 1st 2012 from left to right, Jean Pierre Nittolo,
Ibrahim Chaabam, Mr Abduk Rahman Abu Hindi, president of Eurobuild

Qatar project, Mr Fadel Okab, Representative of Wickham Middle East Doha,

Our new distributor for the country of Colombia, Jorge Gonzalez of Distribuidora Trevo.

Wickham Pond Hockey feb 21st 2012
Dino Masanotti Captain of NHL team.

Wickham Pond Hockey game Feb 21st 2012
From Left to right, Dino Masanotti, President Groupe Dinamo,
Jean Perron Stanley cup Winner 1986, Francois Landreville private trainer
for NHL player. 

Lise Nittolo VP, Gary Oldfield Europe sales manager, Nathalia the
interpreter, Iryna Wickham representative Ukraine

Kiev Build, Kiev February 29th 2012

Captain of the champion team, Jean Perron.

Mario Bolduc, Robert Banks, Jean Perron, Matthew Dickinson and Jean-Pierre Nittolo.
Wickham Pond Hockey Classic February 20th 2012.

Surfaces 2012,
Las Vegas.

Domotex 2012,
Hannover Germany.
Gary Oldfield, Europe sales manager.


Dubai Big 5 Show Nov 24th 2011
Shalby & Ibrahim Chaaban

Dubai Big 5 Show Nov 24th 2011
Jean-Pierre Nittolo & Ibrahim Chaaban

Dubai Big 5 Show Nov 24th 2011

Domotex, Dubai
September 2011
Jean Pierre Nittolo, explaining grading with customers.


Domotex, Dubai
September 14 2011
From Left to Right: Jean Pierre Nittolo, Mario Bolduc, Ibrahim Chaaban

Domotex, Dubai
September 12 2011
Wickham Booth

Domotex, Dubai
September 14 2011
Jean Pierre Nittolo with customer at training centre.

Domotex, Dubai
September 12 2011
Creative flooring Wickham Demo

Wickham Hardwood tournament
September 18 2011
Jay Peak, Vermont

Mexico City, April 2011. Randy McCullough training customers

Training seminar in Mexico City, April 2011. From left to right, Jean-Pierre Nittolo, Lise Nittolo, Randy McCullough, Eguiz Kirokian & Shahe Kirokian

Surfaces 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada.
From left to right, Randy McCullough, Rick Tabaracci (former NHL goalie) & Jean-Pierre Nittolo

Domotex Hannover Germany January 2011

Domotex Hannover Germany January 2011

Surfaces, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Surfaces, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Surfaces, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Surfaces, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Surfaces, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada


Domotex 2010, Hannover, Germany

Mexique, octobre 2010. Sample room at distributor Dulce Hogar

Show NWFA, Washington 2010. Lise Nittolo & Jean-Pierre Nittolo

Show NWFA, Washington 2010. Jean-Pierre Nittolo & Allen (Bayard Sales)

Mario in Dubai for Domotex 2010





Domotex 2009, Hannover, Germany


Domotex 2008, Allemagne

Domotex Hanovre 2008. Lise Nittolo & Roger Southee

Domotex Dubai 2008. Lise Nittolo, Rajiv Shea & Jean-Pierre Nittolo

Oman avril 2008. Ali Hussein & Jean-Pierre Nittolo

Domotex 2008, Hannover, Germany. Lise Nittolo

Domotex Dubai, Dubai May 2008




NWFA Trade Show, Denver, April 2007

NWFA Trade Show, Denver, April 2007


Domotex 2005, Hannover, Germany


Domotex 2004, Hannover, Germany


Display Booth at Harrogate floor show, Harrogate, UK. Sept 2002


Surfaces, Las Vegas Nevada, Jan 2000

Interbuild, Birmingham, Uk  May 2000

From left to right,
Jean-Pierre Nittolo, Bertie Ahern (Prime minister of Ireland) Simon McKeon, James McKeon. December 2000 

From left to right,
Jean-Pierre Nittolo, Bertie Ahern (Prime minister of Ireland) Lise Nittolo. Memorial War inauguration December 2000


Japan Home Show, Tokyo Japan, Oct 1999

Interzum Trade show, Cologne Germany, May 1999


Our House Trade Show, Dublin Ireland Feb 1997. From left to right,  Jean Pierre Nittolo, James McKeon