Hardwood Flooring Wickham
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Nothing comes close to the comfort and warmth of hardwood flooring. With Wickham Hardwood Flooring, you’ll enjoy the luxurious sensation of the forest under your feet. Best of all, you’ll add a distinctive look to your surroundings.
Mountain Home

Mountain Home

Unique hand-scraped flooring boards

The Mountain Home Collection® offers a truly authentic distressed look because it is hand-scraped by artisans in the tradition of Renaissance-era woodworking. New planks are hand-sculpted, one at a time, to create unique custom flooring of timeless originality and distinction. Unlike most of today’s machine-distressed flooring, no two planks are alike and each bears the signature of the proud artisan who created it.

They left their mark

A soul is hidden in each board of the Mountain Home collection. Thanks to these personalized cards, it now has a face. Here are the craftsmen who gave birth to a truly unique floor, yours.

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Color and grain may vary.