Hardwood Flooring Wickham
Enhance the Look
of Your Home

Nothing comes close to the comfort and warmth of hardwood flooring. With Wickham Hardwood Flooring, you’ll enjoy the luxurious sensation of the forest under your feet. Best of all, you’ll add a distinctive look to your surroundings.

Business Opportunity

Commercial agent / retailer

You are a representative, a commercial agent, a distributor or a retailer and you would like to develop the market of the hardwood flooring by commercializing our products? It doesn’t really matter where you are located on the globe, our network of export is already well established for more than 20 years and we guarantee you a quality product which reflect Wickham Hardwood Flooring image.

Contact us immediately! We are always in search of business partners to lean and collaborate in the development of our company and products on the national and international markets.

We look forward to make business with you!